The Pontiac Solstice Book

The Pontiac Solstice Book

If ever you've lusted after a true American sports car and one of Detroit's greater performance bargains, the Solstice is it. Here's a car that's a pleasure to look at and a kick to drive. Read all about it in The Pontiac Solstice Book. The book traces this remarkable new roadster from beginning to end — conception through development and on into production. This hardcover book's eight chapters, 130 pages and 192 color pictures highlight the GM designers, engineers and managers who transformed an idea into reality in a record 27 months. The book goes into extensive detail about the turbocharged GXP, V8 conversions, the Solstice as race car, and explains the manufacturing process and what's available in the way of accessories and options. The book's author is engineer/racer/writer Gary Witzenburg. GM's global vice chairman, Bob Lutz, wrote the foreword.

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I would like to compliment you on this wonderful book. I was particularly interested in seeing and "hearing" the people who designed this car and actually participated in the testing. The book puts the human side to the car. The pictures and stories took me back in time with the Solstice GM engineers and designers, watching them clearing all those hurdles in Olympic style. It left me feeling that I was there and a part of it. Upon reading this book, I have a much better understanding of what it takes to produce such a car
-Sterling G., Boca Raton FL

Great book. Really enjoyed reading the history of the Solstice. A must-have for all owners.
-Hudd, Springfield IL

I received the book on Friday morning and it is excellent! I enjoyed every minute of it. Yes, I have read it cover to cover and now am just enjoying picking it up and thumbing through it...again and again! This is a great book. Thank you!
-Diana B., Sauk Rapids MN

I got the book today. It's wonderful. Great job, and thank you.
-Charley W., Avondale AZ

The Solstice is living proof that American car manufacturers remain world class in designing and building vehicles that meet or exceed customer expectations. The Solstice book does a great job of giving the reader a thorough insight of how and why great ideas and technical expertise gave birth in record time to this very affordable and fun roadster.
-Bob W., Bloomfield Hills MI