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We publish books about cars...have done since 1978.  We currently offer two books in particular: The Pontiac Solstice Book and A Century of Automotive Style.  Both are classics in their fields and widely acclaimed.

The Pontiac Solstice Book

Here’s THE definitive Solstice book; in fact, it’s the only Solstice book out there, so it’s gotta be definitive. Definitive means crammed with great color photos and in-depth, behind-the-scenes information.

     Written by former GM engineer and author Gary Witzenburg, the book’s chapters cover Solstice styling, engineering development, the GXP turbo, racing, V8 conversions, accessories and the Wilmington assembly plant. There’s even a chapter about the Saturn Sky. It’s hardcover, 130 pages and uses an oversized landscape format. Retail price is $34.95 plus shipping. To order, visit www. Amazon.com or click here.                                   

A Century of Automotive Style
The Best of the Best
A Century of Automotive Style

This is the original hardcover book. It consists of 308 pages and 900+ photographs and illustrations. A Century of Automotive Style remains the book of choice for anyone interested in or involved with car design. 

Authored by Michael Lamm and Dave Holls, it’s a 100-year history that explains why cars looked—and look—the way they do, who designed what and why. The original hardcover book was voted “must have” by major enthusiast magazines in the U.S. and Europe. It also won the Society of Automotive Historians’ prestigious Cugnot Award in 1997. The book was out of print for a number of years, but you can now enjoy it as one of the automotive world’s best reads and then keep it in your library for handy, longterm reference.  Price: $49.95 plus shipping. To order, go to Amazon.com or click here. 

Note: This book is also available as a DVD. You can order the DVD separately from Amazon.com.    



What a book! Undoubtedly, without any reservations, this is the most significant automotive book of the decade. How I wish Automobile Quarterly...could have published it. –L.Scott Bailey, founder, Automobile Quarterly   

This is quite simply the best book ever written on American automotive design.... –Scientific American  

Lamm and Holls...have put just about all that one could ask for on this huge subject into a large, solidly structured and masterfully written book. -The New Yorker    

The comprehensive and well-written A Century of Automotive Style, loaded with pictures ranging from the most recent prototypes back to early horseless carriages, traces expertly and engagingly the ever-changing shapes of this quintessential 20th century invention. -San Francisco Chronicle Book Reviews   

Lamm and Holls...have put just about all that one could ask for on this huge subject into a large, solidly structured and masterfully written book. Road & Track   

 Immensely impressive, eminently readable and a comprehensive survey of one of the most fascinating aspects of the motor car. –Classic & Sports Car (British)    

We get more information on all the better-known custom body houses here than in any book previously written.      –The Classic Car     

Here are some of our other books 
These books are out of print, but used copies are usually available on Amazon.com.
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